Immunity and Your Fantastic Dog

As with humans, each dog is unique in it’s DNA. Each dog absorbs nutrients differently, as do humans. It is not a one size fits all problem. What is evident, though is IF the nutrients your dog is consuming interferes with the body causing inflamation or other symptoms such as acid reflux, or intolerance to certain ingredients, then a closer look must be taken at the digestive enzymes, metabolism, or intestinal absorption of proteins into the blood. As well as absorbing good nutrients, the body absorbs toxicity from chemicals, environment and viral bacteria, and so the question is, how does this all affect the immune system, and eventually the physical health of your dog?

Sounds complicated, but it isn't. That is why developing a whole health diet for your dog is


Think of it this way: Would you feed your child cereal every day? If the answer is no, then

finding out what nutrients are in the kibble are essential to you making a supplemental whole food meal for your dog.

There are various methods to doing this, as will be explained in the 7 Day Fantastic Dog Diet!

Once again, there may be reasons why your dog requires a Vegan whole diet due to allergies, obesity,

or congenital diseases.

Statistics show that 52% of pet owners STILL use commercially available diets for their dogs. The caveat here is that if your dog is thriving on its current diet, and bloodwork and all health tests are

in good order, then there may be no requirement for change.

Often, acute illnesses won't show up until the senior years. Kidney failure, heart disease, and cancer are more prevalent than every in our companions, and the question is WHY?

Learn more with my 7 Day Fantastic Dog

Diet. The method to better health and longevity for your companion pet!

For questions or consultation, go to

programs page, or shop a consult.

Loving Your Fantastic Dog through

whole, healthy foods!

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