Your Fantastic Dog 

Each dog has fantastic qualities- but along the way there may be the little things that cause us concern.  Is it a change of environment; change of routine, change in the family, a resistance to new food or a change in eating habits?  I can help!  Schedule a consultation, or book a consultation for a personalized wellness program for your special friend!

Your Fantastic dog Healthy Living Personal Program

Often its a simple solution.  Here I offer a one hour consultation regarding your pup and some basic concerns.  At each age interval, from puppy to senior, there may be some concerns that you notice are affecting  your pup and your family.  

Having run the gamut with my pack of 30, there are issues at every life stage that I have had to find a solution to - through numerous research and veterinary support, holistic treatments and natural remedies that I can share with you at a cost far below conventional services.

Book a consultation and let's get started on making your pup FANTASTIC!



The 7 Day Fantastic Diet Program

This program includes a downloadable diet regime  with FREE journal page PDF to begin  your pup's 7 day Fantastic Diet Program.  

The 7 Day Fantastic Dog Diet PDF contains everything you need to begin a healthy nutritional diet regimen for your pup.

You can start at any time - not just the puppy stages!

Included is a 7 day regime SPECIFIC TO YOUR DOG!

You can update your program in minutes, - daily or weekly - while sipping a cappuccino, or jotting notes on your daily intention list.

Setting a vibrant healthy energy is the first step to a pup living a super fantastic life!