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Each dog has fantastic qualities- but along the way there may be the little things that cause us concern.  Is it a change of environment; change of routine, change in the family, a resistance to new food or a change in eating habits?  I can help!  Schedule a consultation, or book a consultation for a personalized wellness program for your special friend!

Your Fantastic dog Healthy Living Personal Program



The 7 Day Fantastic Diet Program

This program includes a downloadable diet regime  with FREE journal page PDF to begin  your pup's 7 day Fantastic Diet Program.  

The 7 Day Fantastic Dog Diet PDF contains everything you need to begin a healthy nutritional diet regimen for your pup.

You can start at any time - not just the puppy stages!

Included is a 7 day regime SPECIFIC TO YOUR DOG!

You can update your program in minutes, - daily or weekly - while sipping a cappuccino, or jotting notes on your daily intention list.

Setting a vibrant healthy energy is the first step to a pup living a super fantastic life!

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