Meet Lisa

 Nutrition and wellness expert for your fantastic dog!

There was upon a time when dogs were strictly table fed.  They ate the leftovers of their humans, or were portioned with end cuts of muscle and tissue and raw bone; with cooked lentils and rice and vegetables, and even bits of fruit were fed to the family dog instead of being wasted. 

 In the land before kibble, all was well.  Parasites maintained a delicate balance, and the canine stayed healthy and strong, passing away in its time of a natural sort, not from disease as is so rampant now.

This age of feeding processed, not whole food to dogs is now being understood as the cause of cancer and kidney failure in many pups.

With immune systems compromised by too many vaccinations and anti parasitic insecticide medications, our best friends are suffering the inadequacies their ancestors were spared.  

New studies (and my testament to 17 years of whole fed recipes),  fantastic nutrients and ingredients are the way to a healthier, disease free best friend. 


Lisa and her 30 -pack

Meet: Baby, Willie, Dude, Angel, Rosie, Joey, Abbey, Ginny, Lila, Zack, Zeva, Fluffy, Sophia, Mickey, Stevie, Callie, Simon, Tobie, Timmy, Stan, Sadie, Hannah, Phoenix, Mia, Max, Peyton, Hailey, Wilbur, Lizzie, Winter.

in our memory:  Micky, Brandy, Coco and Tiny.